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Greene's Oil and Propane

Heating Services

Three Great 
Greene's Oil and Propane

Greenes_Oil_and_Propane_Bullet Furnace Cleaning Special  $25.00 discount off an 
 annual cleaning and tune up.

Greenes_Oil_and_Propane_Bullet Become a New Automatic Fuel Customer and get 
 a Free annual cleaning and tune up.

Greenes_Oil_and_Propane_Bullet Receive $50.00 in fuel when you refer someone
 and they sign up to be an automatic fuel customer.

Greene’s Oil and Propane Value Added

The main business of most heating fuel companies is to sell heating fuel and then to deliver it. At Greene’s Oil and Propane our primary objective is to provide you with the best heating service available.

What does this mean?

Greenes Oil and Propane  We will service your heating system to increase its lifespan, its reliability and to increase it efficiency.
Greenes Oil and Propane  We can help to analyze your home or commercial facility in order to define a heating system that is the most efficient given your budget and needs. 
Greenes Oil and Propane  We will also sell you the most efficient heating equipment available. 
Greenes Oil and Propane  You will always get an honest, educated answer from us on what fuel is best for you. We are knowledgeable and experienced with oil and propane but also know electrical heating system and even solar-electric.
Greenes Oil and Propane  We are a trustworthy heating fuel delivery service.

Customer Focus

Greenes Oil and Propane  We have trained heating technicians available 24-7 to take care of any heat or hot water emergency you may have. 
Greenes Oil and Propane  Once you are our customer you can expect excellent service for your heating system and excellence in heating fuel delivery. 
Greenes Oil and Propane  We hope to see you year after year for your annual heating system maintenance as we fully understand that a happy customer is a repeat customer. 

Greenes Oil and Propane
We also pride ourselves on our reputation and gain many new customers from loyal customer referrals. Our customers are very valuable to us. 
Greenes Oil and Propane  
We get to know you, your heating system and your home.
Greenes Oil and Propane  Each of our technicians attend training courses annually so our service level also includes additional benefits from us as we learn about advances in heating products and heating technologies.

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